Mamanuca Islands Snorkelling & Fishing Adventure

Fiji's Enchanted Island Getaway: A Snorkeling Adventure like No Other

Embark on an unparalleled private journey that bundles the essence of Fiji's wonders into one exceptional package. Begin your exploration with convenient morning departures from 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM, from either Vuda Marina (mainland), Serenity Island, Treasure Island, or Beachcomber Island.

Embrace the Ultimate Fusion of Adventure and Serenity

This half-day (6hr) excursion includes the following elements combined to give you the ultimate adventure among Fiji's stunning Mamanuca islands:

Mana Island - A Survivor’s Utopia

Plunge into the Survivor realm where TV and reality merge. Mana Island, renowned as the setting of "Survivor Fiji", offers a day filled with adventure and discovery, highlighted by:

  • Vibrant Snorkeling Spots: Explore the island's underwater spectacle adorned with coral wonderlands and vibrant marine life.
  • Survivalist Adventure: Traverse the same sands that bore witness to the strategic battles and triumphant victories of the show's contestants.
  • Unique Natural Beauty: Appreciate the raw, rugged landscapes that entranced viewers around the world.

Mana Island Fiji Survivor

Castaway Island - Your Personal Slice of Hollywood

Castaway Island, etched in our imaginations by Tom Hanks’ film Castaway, invites you to tread in his footsteps, featuring:

  • Snorkeling Magic: Revel in the film's celebrated settings while discovering the island's underwater riches, teeming with colorful fish and captivating coral formations.
  • Iconic Landscapes: Lose yourself in the allure of the pristine beaches and lush greenery that inspired one of cinema's most heartfelt tales of isolation and hope.
  • An Immersive Story: Feel the spirit of adventure that lingers in the balmy air and azure waters.
Fishing by Trolling - The Thrill of the Catch

Your adventure isn't complete without the excitement of fishing by trolling between these iconic islands. Anticipate the catch of the day as you:

  • Indulge in Sport: Compete with the depths for Fiji’s prized marine life.
  • Savor the Experience: Enjoy the refreshment of the sea breeze as you fish against a backdrop of unspoiled beauty.
  • Connect with Nature: Connect with the marine biodiversity, perhaps spotting dolphins or sea turtles as you fish.

snorkelling trip fiji

Enchanted Sandbar Interlude

Escape to the serene sandbars, appearing like magic amidst the turquoise ocean expanse. This serene pause in your journey offers:

  • Exclusive Relaxation: Find your haven of calm on the emerging soft sands while enjoying a picnic lunch (bring your own).
  • Snorkeling Leisure: Gently glide over shallow reefs directly from the sandbars, observing a diverse array of sea life in peaceful waters.
  • Panoramic Vistas: Breathe in the panoramic splendor, with nothing but sea, sky, and the distant island silhouettes surrounding you.

The All-inclusive Snorkeling Expedition of a Lifetime

  • Epic Storylines and Spectacular Seas: Relive Hollywood fantasies and unravel true survival sagas while indulging in Fiji's premier snorkeling experiences, all part of one extraordinary tour.
  • Seasoned Expertise: Your journey is enriched by guides with deep knowledge of both the natural splendor and the captivating folklore of our illustrious islands.
  • The Personalized Touch: Expect a bespoke itinerary, attentively crafted to suit your spirit of adventure, ensuring that no two tours are the same.
  • Strategically Positioned: The convenient departures from Vuda Marina, a stone's throw from Nadi Airport, or from the tranquil havens of Beachcomber and Treasure Islands, serve as the ideal launching points for your comprehensive escapade.

Secure Your Spot to Paradise!

Dive into the unparalleled snorkeling world of Fiji. Your ticket to this all-encompassing adventure grants access to the Survivor legacy on Mana Island, Hollywood's own Castaway Island, exhilarating trolling fishing, and a secluded sandbar sanctuary. Don’t miss out on the ultimate snorkeling package through the heart of Fiji's natural opulence and historical intrigue. Book today and ready yourself for an unforgettable island experience.

Booking Terms and Conditions

All transfers are subject to sea and weather conditions. Should adverse conditions prevent operation, the client is responsible for all additional costs incurred. Vuda Water Taxi Pte Ltd recommends travel insurance. Vuda Water Taxi Pte Ltd cannot be held responsible for missed flight connections due to late arrival at the airport. Vuda Water Taxi Pte Ltd reserves the right to alter prices, apply fuel surcharges, cancel departures, and vary itineraries and services if necessary..

The Passenger acknowledges that during the trip, the vessel is under the Captain’s complete control and sole responsibility. Vuda Water Taxi Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse to carry or to remove from service, any passenger who is intoxicated by drugs/alcohol who may pose a potential threat to themselves, others, or property. The passenger’s booking credit card will bear all additional costs incurred as a result, and that travel sector will be deemed to have been traveled.


All cancellations must be received in writing & are subject to general terms and conditions.

Vuda Water Taxi Policy: Within 48 hours 50% refund, within 24 hours, and No Show 100% of the fare is non-refundable.


Location: Vuda Marina
Duration: 6 Hours
Categories: Adventure, Fishing, Outdoor Activities, Tours and Day Trips

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