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Soft Coral or Wreck Dive with Beqa Adventure Divers

Go scuba diving and explore the stunning variety of Fijian marine life! Beqa Adventure Divers are a top rated dive center, taking you to experience amazing coral reefs and wrecks on this 2 tank dive.


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Please note: Equipment hire is not included (see below), proof of dive certification is required and we recommend bringing your own water, towel and sunscreen.


Beqa Lagoon fiji has been called "The Soft Coral Capital of the World” - A truly stunning vareity of vibrant marine life awaits divers here. Experienced divemasters will take you to a selection of the best sites dependent on the day’s conditions. Weather permitting you will visit two distinct sites on every excursion. You will be given a detailed briefing of the dive site upon arrival. You can opt for an underwater guided tour returning to the boat after approximately 40 mins; or, you have the opportunity to explore on your own in teams. Depths range from 12m to 25m, most dives being around 18m. Dive times are 40-55mins depending on air consumption, dive site and conditions. For safety reasons, maximum allowed dive time is set at one hour.

Due to the depth and conditions experienced in the Beqa Lagoon the soft coral trips are reccommended for divers with advanced certifications, although newly certified divers are allowed on request.

Days of Operation

Morning Trips: Wednesday & Sunday

Afternoon Trips: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Additional Charges

Marine Park Fee of FJD $25 per person is collected before the dive and goes directly to the village that owns the reef rights for shark conservation and preservation of the marine protected area. Equipment hire includes BCD, Regulator, Masks/Fins/Snorkel and 3mm Wetsuit. These can be hired individually at FJD $30.00 per item, or as a complete set at FJD $50.00 per day. Fuel surcharge may apply.

Soft Coral Dive Sites

Please note: Beqa Lagoon is subject to changeable weather conditions and currents that are monitored and taken into account on a daily basis by Beqa Adventure Divers. They carefully select the dive sites on the day depending on surface conditions, currents, visibility and diver experience and therefore cannot guarantee to take you to specific dive sites on your trip.

7 Sisters – A network of seven separate pinnacles make up the ‘sisters’ with numerous routes that can be taken. Dives can be spent weaving between the pinnacles where you will see luscious soft corals and an abundance of marine life including white tip reef sharks, turtles and a symphony of reef fish between 5-10m. Venture down deeper to around 25m and discover the Tasu II wreck where lionfish, pipefish and nudibranch like to shelter on the 20 year old long line fishing vessel, surrounded by a sandy bottom covered in garden eels that dance in the current. On the final ‘sister’ you can also find one of our longer swim-throughs that starts at around 14m and brings you out up at 8m in the center of the pinnacles.

3 Nuns – This dive site is made up of three distinctive pinnacles that rise up from the 19m bottom to around 4m from the surface. You can spend an entire hour exploring these pinnacles, or when the visibility allows, venture off to the mini reef pinnacles that surround the ‘nuns’ where white tip reef sharks are often found taking a break on the bottom and grey reef sharks and the elusive zebra shark have previously been seen. This site is perfect for those buddy teams who would prefer to navigate the site themselves as it is very easy to find your way back to the mooring line whilst observing the abundant marine life of the Beqa Lagoon.

Turtle Head – A wonderful site that offers a mixture of rolling reef and pinnacles to explore and Turtles are often spotted here. Drop in at around 12m and follow the leader past the golden arch, to the leafy scorpionfish pinnacle and finish on top of the reef at around 6m where you will find lots of lovely critters hiding in amongst the branching corals, sea fans and anemones. This site is often protected from current and if you wish you can explore all the way from Turtle Head to the Three Nuns without having to venture deeper than 20m.

Swim-through City/Bird Island – This relaxed dive site offers divers the chance to explore a number of swim-throughs, hard coral encrusted pinnacles and luscious gorgonian sea fans all in the protected area of Bird Island where conditions are sheltered from strong currents and ocean swells offering a relaxing setting. The odd White Tip Reef Shark, Hawksbill Turtle and sometimes Spotted Eagle Rays can be seen cruising between the pinnacles and small critters such as nudibranchs, guard crabs and flatworms are often found by the eagle eyed divers. An hour can easily be spent just under the boat, or if you would like to explore further then our guides can take you whichever direction you feel like to see other areas of this vast reef.

Caesar’s Rock – Named after the local village Chief, Caesar’s Rock is a cluster of 5 current swept pinnacles rising up from 30m/100ft to within 5m/15ft of the surface. With the current running, the soft corals seem so much more vibrant, feeding on the nutrient sweeping past. Enormous sea fans filter out their breakfast and provide shelter on their lea side to Lionfish. Through one of the pinnacles runs a Y-shaped passage; light pouring in from the ends creates a silhouette of the corals inside giving it an eerie glow like a forest at dusk! Please note: This site requires the flat seas and slack tide conditions in order to be safe to dive.

E.T / Cyclopse – A lone pinnacle towers up from the seabed encrusted with rainbow colored corals. Amongst this kaleidoscope of color hide Blue Ribbon Eels, Lionfish and Octopus. Cutting through the pinnacle an 18m/60ft long passage provides shelter for an array of Invertebrates with a chimney rising to the surface in the passage casting a dancing light as you swim through. While hanging out on the mooring line, watch for the Clownfish flitting in and out of their host anemones, if you look closely chances are there will be a Scorpionfish hiding behind its intricate camouflage. Please note: This site requires the flat seas and slack tide conditions in order to be safe to dive.

Carpet Cove – A favorite site of staff and visitors alike, Carpet Cove features not only brilliant soft corals but also a wreck. An old fishing vessel (30m/100ft) was intentionally sunk in 30m/100ft of water in 1996, providing a habitat for a vast array of life. The wreck itself is overgrown with blooming soft corals, with a swirling school of Chevron Barracuda and Trevally keeping lookout. Adjacent to the wreck are towering pinnacles that rise up to within 5m/15ft of the surface bursting with life.

Shark Reef – This lovely dive site often accompanies trips to Carpet Cove as they are close by. The mooring sits in around 7m of water and you can explore shallow or deep at this dive site. Up in the shallows, a series of pinnacles surrounds a central area of around 10m where you can find a huge vareity of reef fish and critters, when the sun is shining the whole reef sparkles and comes alive. On the outside depths can reach 20m and beyond so this can be a good place to see the bigger species such as passing Bull Sharks, Grey Reefs and Barracudas.

Wreck Dives

Tasu II - A decommissioned long line fishing vessel purposefully sunk on the sandy bottom at the ‘Seven Sisters’ dive site in the late 1990’s. She is about 30m/100′ from bow to stern lying upright on her keel in about 28m/90′ of water next to the coral pinnacles that make up the Seven Sisters. Having been down for so many years, a good growth of soft corals covers the wreck. Very rarely swept by strong currents, the Tasu II is an ideal site for getting in some good bottom time on a wreck. It is not uncommon to find a school of chevron barracuda circling above the wreck and groupers hiding out inside the superstructure. With a keen eye, lucky divers can spot pipefish wriggling their way across the deck and up the sides of the ship. After exploring the wreck a gentle fin back to the reef finds divers in a maze of seven towering pinnacles. Zebra Sharks can frequently be found resting on the sand just out from the pinnacles and for divers that want a rest, settle down in the sand between the pinnacles and watch as a cloud of butterfly fish move in and give you a ‘clean’.

Rusi’s Pinnacle - Lying upright on the seabed in a depth of 32m/110′ is the largest of the wrecks in Beqa Lagoon. Measuring about 40m/140′ in length and made of two decks, this old fishing vessel is home to a diversity of life that is quite exceptional. Scuttled in 2000, there is already an incredible coverage of soft corals smothered in brittle sea stars. The top deck railing is home to a giant frogfish; with it’s intricate camouflage it can be quite a challenge to spot in amongst all the encrusting sponges 100ft away stands a solitary pinnacle that soars upwards to within 5m/15′ of the surface. Encrusted with a kaleidoscope of colour, this pinnacle is home to stonefish, lionfish, leaf scorpionfish and moray eels. The top of the pinnacle is carpeted with five different species of anemone fish with their different host anemones. What better way to do a safety stop than by watching these plucky little characters flitting back and forth challenging all who venture that little bit too close.


Transfers to/from Pacific harbour area are included within the price. If you'd like a transfer from your hotel (or airport) outside of Pacific Harbour, this can easily be arranged after booking. You will receive an email regarding the possibilities within a few days. If you are booking this at short notice, you will find a contact number to organize transport on your e-ticket.


PLEASE NOTE: All activity and package bookings are subject to availability. Fiji ground staff will receive your booking and reconfirm within 24hrs. Occasionally, the dates and/or times selected may no longer be available. In such cases, every effort will be made to accommodate you with a date change or alternative option. Otherwise a full refund is provided.


All cancellations must be received in writing & are subject to a handling fee as stipulated in general terms and conditions.

Beqa Adventure Divers Policy:
  • Bookings cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the dive date will incur 50% cancellation fee.
  • Bookings cancelled on the day or no shows are non-refundable.
Please Note
  • In case of dive trips being cancelled due to weather, Beqa Adventure Divers will try to reschedule the trip for next day. Gear hire is FJD$30 per piece per day and FJD$50 per day for full gear and is paid for directly.


Location: Pacific Harbour
Duration: 5 Hours
Categories: Diving, Watersports

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