Is Fiji Safe?

Fiji has remained relatively untouched by Covid-19 and cases are extremely limited, though strict preventative measures remain in place to combat the virus. We will be posting regular updates to this page to keep you informed of the situation in Fiji. As soon as travel is allowed again, you’ll see it here first!

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Last updated: 23/07/2021


Cases overview in Fiji

  • Confirmed: 21 361
  • Recovered: 4 729
  • Deaths: 161


Corona virus Fiji

Fiji is at the moment closed to international visitors (with the exception of the blue lanes). Only residents and Fijian citizens are allowed to return to Fiji.
To learn more about the situation in Fiji, feel free to check the following sections:

Travel restrictions and measures in place

  • Fiji Airways will operate repatriation flights between Nadi and Brisbane, and from Nadi to Sydney in November 2020.
  • Travelers must present airline check-in staff with a negative  RT-PCR COVID-19 test taken not more than 72 hours prior to departure.
  • If you’re a returning Fijian citizen or Fiji resident, and regardless of whether you arrive by air or sea, you must download the careFIJI App to enter the country.
  • Anyone entering Fiji is required to quarantine for 14 days in a designated location.
  • As of 16 March 2020, cruise ships cannot enter Fiji.
  • Health screenings are in place for all travellers to detect illness.
All citizens and visitors in Fiji are asked to respect the following measures:
  • Social distancing is being encouraged, and even enforced in the lockdown zones
  • The Fijian government is asking all Fijians to be responsible citizens and download the careFIJI app to help contact tracing.
  • Gathering of ore than 100 people are banned
  • Medical staff can isolate any suspected cases
  • The Fijian Ministry of health enhance simple hygiene measures such as coughing or sneezing into the crook of their arm or into a paper handkerchief, washing their hands 20+secs with soap or using alcohol-based hand cleaning product

Blue lanes

If arriving by yatch, using the Blue Lane pathway, travelers need to engage Port Denarau yacht agents who will then apply on their behalf to the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT). Yachts may only enter Fiji at Port Denarau (after obtaining the necessary approvals). They will need to show proof of a negative RT-PCR test result. The sample must be collected for testing at most 72hrs (3 days) before departure for Fiji.
The number of quarantine days will be calculated by subtracting the number of uninterrupted sailing days from 14 days. Uninterrupted sailing days are days where the yacht has not stopped at any port nor been embarked by other persons, or where the persons on board have not disembarked. So, say they spend eight days alone at sea –– they will then be required to pay for six days of quarantine in Fiji, after which they can be cleared by a negative test result, also at their own cost.

The Care Fiji Commitment

In anticipation of borders re-opening to travelers, Fiji has introduced the “Care Fiji Commitment”. With the introduction of the Care Fiji Commitment, travelers can be assured that Fiji is a safe destination to enjoy on their next visit to the islands.
Border restrictions will be put in place to protect both visitors and fijians. 

Visitors from COVID-contained countries or territories will be able to enter Fiji without quarantine. For other travelers there will be a 14-day mandatory quarantine.
You will need to download and activate the CAreFiji contact tracing app whilst in Fiji.

Fiji has installed an enhanced sanitation practices across all tourism businesses. Physical distancing is in practice.

Frontliners have undertaken a COVID-19 Safe training programme developed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and Tourism Fiji.
A Wellness Ambassador as been appointed to each business, in order to implement COVID-19 safe practices.


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Care Fiji Commitment

What can we do to help Fiji?

The Fijian Government started the "Love Our Locals" campaign to boost bookings and keep Fijian at work during these difficult times. The Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport highlighted: 

“Love Our Locals conveys a spirit of community solidarity. Tourism employs thousands of people across our nation, both directly and indirectly, and we encourage everyone to show their support by booking a tour, grabbing a coffee with friends, or exploring other parts of our beautiful country.”

Fiji relies on tourism for the majority of its income. Now that the tourism industry has almost entirely collapsed in the face of Covid-19, the islands are suffering from an immense economic downturn, putting many people out of work and under incredible strain. A way to help the locals is to consider rescheduling your travel plans instead of cancelling bookings. If you have plans to visit Fiji next year, in 2021, please book as far in advance as possible to stimulate the flagging economy.

When it’s safe to travel again, consider buying more from street vendors who are likely to have been the worst hit, and if you can permit it - explore more of the 300+ islands of Fiji than you may have previously considered. You can learn more about Fiji's islands to help plan your trip on our dedicated Travel Tips pages.

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Ferry services to Yasawa and Mamanuca during Coronavirus pandemic

Currently all regular services to and from the islands are suspended.

Yasawa Flyer - Suspended until further notice
Malolo Cat - Suspended until further notice
Mamanuca Express - Suspended until further notice
Seabus Fiji - Suspended until further notice
South Sea Cruises - Suspended until further notice
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Contact information

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